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Specialized Excavation & Demolition Contactors

For any type of excavation and soil correction, turn to the excavation and demolition contactors at
Semple Companies. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, our team performs a wide range of demolition, grading, excavation, and remediation for residential and commercial construction. Our local business has been in St. Paul for 30 years, completing projects for numerous municipalities and general contractors throughout the Twin Cities, Metro, Greater Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

With a wide range of modern equipment and resources and a highly skilled work force, our team can provide a wide range of services. A few of our capabilities include:

• Site Clearing
• Demolition Services

• Mass Excavation
• Structural Excavation
• Fine Grading
• General Contracting Services


Excavating and grading operations have evolved into more than simply moving dirt. Finish tolerances, compaction, and soil conditions must all be taken into consideration. Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing you with projects completed on time and within budget, with utmost quality and safety.

Semple excavating serves our clients with the best equipment, support, and the most advanced technology available. Semple is the industry's preferred earthwork provider because of our staff. Continuing education and ongoing training have been a key component to the success of our customers projects, as well as an excellent safety record.

From single-family homes to multi-story buildings and industrial facilities, you can count on our company to provide safe and efficient demolition services. Our experienced demolition contractors, coupled with the proper approach and equipment, deliver the highest level of professionalism, experience, and value.

At our company, we have a strong emphasis on recycling materials and reusing salvageable items. Through material segregation, we are able to reduce the amount of debris that is deposited in a landfill, and oftentimes, we are able to crush and reuse concrete and asphalt on site.

Adhering to Regulations
Our team works closely with state and federal agencies to continually update our understanding of changes in regulations. Air quality standards, ground treatment methods and landfill closure procedures constantly change and we are attentive to these modifications.

Community & Professional Relationships

• Habitat for Humanity™ • St. Paul Parks & Recreation • Many Local General Contractors
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